US passport holders have a lot of freedom when it comes to traveling abroad, with the ability to visit 172 countries and territories visa-free or by obtaining a visa on arrival. Below you’ll find an alphabetical list of countries, grouped by continent, and their visa requirements as of June 2014.


Cost Duration
Visa On Arrival $20 30 days
Extension $35 30 days
Overstay Fee $5 1 day
Apply for a visa online ($25) More Information


Cost Duration
Visa On Arrival $25 30 days
Extension $20 30 days
Overstay Fee 200,000 IDR 1 day
More Information


Cost Duration
Visa On Arrival $35 30 days
Extension $2 1 day
Overstay Fee $10 1 day
More Information


Cost Duration
No Visa N/A 3 Months
Overstay Fee 30 MYR 1 day
More Information


Cost Duration
Obtain Visa $20 28 days
Overstay Fee $3 1 day
More Information


Cost Duration
No Visa N/A 21 days
Overstay Fee $75 30 days
More Information


Cost Duration
No Visa N/A 90 days
Overstay Fee 2,000 SGD N/A
More Information


Cost Duration
Visa on Arrival N/A 30 days by Air, 15 days by Land
VoA Extension 1,900 Bhat 7 days
Tourist Visa $60 60 days
TV Extension 1,900 Bhat 30 days
Overstay Fee 500 Bhat 1 day
In order to obtain a tourist visa, you must the Royal Thai Embassy prior to arrival. More Information


Cost Duration
Obtain Visa $60 30 days
Extension $10 30 days
Old Overstay Fee 500,000 Dong N/A
New Overstay Fee 2,000,000 Dong 15 days
New Overstay Fee 5,000,000 Dong >15 days
We read about the “new” overstay fees on this blog post from March 2014. We were unable to confirm the price hike on the Vietnamese immigration website. It might be the case that they charge you whatever they feel like, so best bet is to not let your visa expire! More Information
Cycling around the world to study culture and sustainability.
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Visa Requirements for US Citizens Traveling Abroad

US passport holders have a lot of freedom when it comes to traveling abroad, with the ability to visit 172 countries and territories visa-free or by obtaining a visa on arrival. 

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A dazzling spread of colorful painted coconut bowls.

Photos: Hoi An, Vietnam

Pictures we took in Hoi An, Vietnam.

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Halong Bay, Vietnam, cruise, boat, ocean

Photos: Halong Bay, Vietnam

Pictures we took at Halong Bay in Vietnam.

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Chiang Mai,Temple,Thailand

Photos: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Pictures we took in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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Farmer: Shinji Hashimoto

Shinji Hashimoto is equal parts farmer, philosopher and community leader.

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Video: Travel Thailand

Footage from the 6 months we spent traveling Thailand by bicycle. Music: “Faraway” by Gramatik.

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Sapporo-Japan 027

Photos: Sapporo, Japan

Pictures we took in Sapporo, Japan.

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Lake Tahoe

Photos: Lake Tahoe, California

Pictures we took in Lake Tahoe, California.

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Moab-Utah 178

Photos: Moab, Utah

Pictures we took at Arches National Park and Canyon Lands in Moab, Utah.

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Bangkok,Buddha,gold,Grand Palace,Temple,Thailand

Photos: Bangkok, Thailand

A gallery from our week in Bangkok, Thailand. See pictures of the Grand Palace, Temples and Reclining Buddha!

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Bear Lake at Rocky Mountain National Park

Photos: Boulder, Colorado

Pictures we took in Boulder, Colorado.

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Cambodia,Ha Tien,Kep,Vietnam

Photos: The Road From Cambodia to Vietnam

Pictures we took on our cycle route from Kep, Cambodia to Ha Tien, Vietnam.

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Video: Travel Cambodia

A film about our bicycle tour through the beautiful, dusty country of Cambodia.

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Murayama-Japan 032 (1)

Photos: Murayama, Japan

Pictures we took in Murayama, Japan.

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Yoga for Cyclists

Long-distance bicycle touring is tough on your body. You spend hours a day cramped up in a position that is hard on your wrists, neck, shoulders, back and legs, so it’s important to spend a little bit of time each day stretching to show your body a little love for all its hard work!

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Hoi An, Vietnam, farming, cooking, class

Photos: Tra Que Water Wheel Farm, Vietnam

Pictures we took at Tra Que Water Wheel Farm, Vietnam.

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Ho Chi Minh (1)

Photos: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Pictures we took in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

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carrot cake

Recipe: Vegan Carrot Cake

It’s difficult to find a good recipe for carrot cake. It’s even more difficult to find a vegan recipe that doesn’t use some obscure egg or butter substitute.

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hair, oil, natural

Personal Care: Isao’s Natural Hair Oil

Hair can turn into dry kindling in the winter time, but a few drops of Isao’s natural hair oil will set things right.

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Flowers on the Beach

Photos: Half Moon Bay, California

Pictures we took in Half Moon Bay, California.

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dairy-free, vegan, ice cream, banana, walnut, coconut, pumpkin pie spice

Getting Balanced: Dairy-Free Vegan Ice Cream

How about a healthier alternative to ice cream? Freeze 4 bananas and run them through the blank screen of your juicer or blend in a food processor. Fold in a half a cup of chopped walnuts, a half a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice and sweetener of your choice. Top with walnuts and/or shredded coconut. Enjoy without guilt!

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Mekong Delta,Mekong River,South,Vietnam

Photos: Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Pictures we took while cycling through the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

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Khmer Hands

Farmers: Kris, Naome, Elina & Luca

Like all of our featured farmers, Kris and his family share an appreciation for things that grow.

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Farmers: Phil, E & Thuy

Although our stay with Phil and his family was brief, we really enjoyed our time off the grid at Ashoka Farm.

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Recipe: Gluten-Free Indonesian Banana Pancakes

Aunt Ketut’s delicious Indonesian banana pancakes! Makes 3-4 gluten-free pancakes.

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chicken, salad, radish, scallion, almond, lime, mint

Getting Balanced: Chicken Salad with Radish, Scallions & Almonds

An unbelievably delicious salad! Roast 2 bunches of radishes and scallions for 10 minutes. Fold in one pound of cooked chicken, a half cup of chopped almonds, a half cup of chopped mint and 2T of lime juice. Yum!

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Somreach, our Khmer language tutor.

Farmer: Somreach

We met Somreach in Siem Reap at our hotel, Khmer Cuisine B&B. When we greeted and thanked him in his native tongue, he told us it made him happy that we were trying to learn his language, so he spent the rest of our visit tutoring us on the Khmer language!

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Aquaponics,Chat Trakan,Thailand

Farmer: แม่ “Ma”

This strong, beautiful farmer single-handedly took care of us and over an acre of garden beds while we were living in Chat Trakan, Thailand.

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How to Propagate Basil from Cuttings

Growing basil from cuttings is quite simple. Follow the steps below and you will have a healthy, thriving basil plant in just 2 weeks.

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Video: How to Propagate Basil from Cuttings

Music by Marshall McGee. Be sure to check out our full article on how to propagate basil from cuttings.

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Travel Guide: Malacca, Malaysia

Malacca is a beautiful city, rich with history and culture. As you walk along the cobblestone streets, you will notice the influence of British, Dutch and Portuguese colonialism in many aspects of the city’s architecture.

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Travel Guide: Singapore

Planning a trip to Singapore? Here’s everything we learned during our one week stay in this architectural marvel.

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Video: Travel Singapore

Sights and sounds of Singapore. Music by Gramatik.

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Aquaponics,Chat Trakan,Thailand

Photos: Aquaponics Thailand

Pictures we took while volunteering at Aquaponics Thailand in Chat Trakan.

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How To Make Raised Garden Beds

A wise farmer named Sun once told me that growing food is all about managing the soil.

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Bangkok,Bangkok protest,homes,park,protest,tents,Thailand

Photos: Bangkok Protest

Pictures we took on our walk through Lumpini Park during the Bangkok protest.

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Earth Block Construction

While volunteering at Aquaponics Thailand, we had an opportunity to visit a local village to see how an earth block home was created, from start to finish.

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Recipe: Raw Oatmeal Chocolate Balls

Looking for a good snack to satisfy your sweet tooth? Try these vegan oatmeal chocolate balls! They are both delicious and healthy.

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Aquaponics,Chat Trakan,Thailand

Farmer: Bobby Burns

“I have Stargardt disease. I am legally blind. When I discovered worms were blind, I developed my passion. I call myself the worm warrior.”

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Pickled garlic

Recipe: Pickled Garlic

Pickled garlic is a healthy, crunchy snack that won’t leave you with bad breath.

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Video: Travel Indonesia

In 2013, we sold our possessions and left Hawaii to start a bicycle tour around the world. Our first stop was Indonesia.

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Video: How to Make a Raised Garden Bed

To learn more, check out our full article: how to make a raised garden bed with Matt & Arafat at Kebun Kaki Bukit.

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Chumphon,Southern Thailand,Thailand

Photos: Chumphon, Thailand

Pictures of the beautiful temples, beaches, wildlife and waterfalls in Chumphon, Thailand.

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Photos: Kinabatangan River, Borneo

Pictures of the proboscis monkeys, orangutans and hornbills we encountered as we cruised up the Kinabatangan River in Borneo, Malaysia.

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