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Cycling around the world to study culture and sustainability.
Mekong Delta,Mekong River,South,Vietnam

Photos: Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Pictures we took while cycling through the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

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Farmers: Kris, Naome, Elina & Luca

Like all of our featured farmers, Kris and his family share an appreciation for things that grow.

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Farmers: Phil, E & Thuy

Although our stay with Phil and his family was brief, we really enjoyed our time off the grid at Ashoka Farm.

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Recipe: Gluten-Free Indonesian Banana Pancakes

Aunt Ketut’s delicious Indonesian banana pancakes! Makes 3-4 gluten-free pancakes.

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chicken, salad, radish, scallion, almond, lime, mint

Getting Balanced: Chicken Salad with Radish, Scallions & Almonds

An unbelievably delicious salad! Roast 2 bunches of radishes and scallions for 10 minutes. Fold in one pound of cooked chicken, a half cup of chopped almonds, a half cup of chopped mint and 2T of lime juice. Yum!

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