Farmers: Phil, E & Thuy

Although our stay with Phil and his family was brief, we really enjoyed our time off the grid at Ashoka Farm.

Phil grew up on a family-owned farm in Zimbabwe, where he developed an extensive knowledge of plants and local wildlife. Because the climates in Zimbabwe and Cambodia are so similar, he’s been able to apply a lifetime of learning and experience to the design of his farm.

Phil and his family practice a number of sustainable techniques, such as collecting rain water for cooking and cleaning and using a homemade composting toilet. By planting hundreds of trees, like banana, mangosteen, maprang, mango, coconut, and some local leguminous varieties, he hopes to rebuild the soil biology, create a cool, comfortable  microclimate, and grow enough food to live off the land.

Our cozy little thatched roof hut at Ashoka Farm.

We really enjoyed taking a tour of his property and wish him the best of luck realizing his permaculture dream.


Thuy is Phil’s foster son, a 14-year-old permaculturist in training. He was excited to show us the raised beds he made with his friends.

Absinthe, the cat.

Our favorite farm dog, Duke.


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