harvest day

Today, Mark and Matt harvested 157.28 pounds of food for Common Ground’s Garden Cafe restaurant in Kilauea, Kaua’i!
harvest day kale cabbage bok choy carrots celery cilantro eggplant daikon

Harvest numbers in pounds:

Bok Choy, Green 14.60
Bok Choy, Red 12.95
Broccoli 18.30
Cabbage, Nappa 9.30
Cabbage, Savoy 8.30
Carrots 14.55
Celery 3.60
Cilantro 2.65
Daikon 20.94
Dandelion Greens 2.20
Eggplant 10.40
Fennel 9.30
Kale 28.09
Parsley 2.10
Total 157.28


Check out our office:
farmer garden
And our backyard:
kauai mountains farm kilauea
stone dam kilauea kauai

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