Cycle Route: Johor Bahru to Pontian, Malaysia

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The total distance of our route was 32.16 miles (51.76 km).


Max Elevation 15.24 ft 4.65 m
Min Elevation 0 ft 0 m
Total Climbing 1460 ft 445 m
Total Descent 1519 ft 463 m


The first segment of our ride was on the E3, which is a major highway. Although there was a wide shoulder, busses and trucks will drive pretty close to you, so be cautious. The elevation was really flat the whole way and the road conditions were excellent.


We spent two nights at Sam Huat Hotel in Pontian for 54.57 ringgit. It wasn’t the nicest hotel and the room was very basic but it did have AC, hot water and good wifi. Although elevator was extremely small, we managed to get our bikes up to our room.


On our way out of Johor Bahru we grabbed breakfast, lunch and snacks on the road for 33.6 ringgit.

We ate dinner at a small restaurant behind the hotel. It was buffet style and pretty good. 2 dishes and 2 drinks cost us 22 ringgit.

Our second day in Pontian we ate breakfast at a local market behind the hotel for 6.70 ringgit. We ate a late lunch/dinner at McDonalds for 23.75 ringgit.



Our two nights at Sam Huat Hotel and food cost us 195.19 ringgit. Altogether, we spent around $60.69 USD for these two days.

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