Photos: Sapporo, Japan

Pictures we took in Sapporo, Japan.

  • Sapporo-Japan 001-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 001-imp
    Mt. Iwaki in Hirosaki.

  • Sapporo-Japan 002-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 002-imp
    Hirosaki Castle

  • Sapporo-Japan 003-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 003-imp
    Our visit to the Hokkaido Ainu Centre. The Ainu are a people indigenous to the lands of northern Japan.

  • Sapporo-Japan 004-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 004-imp
    Ainu fish scale shoes.

  • Sapporo-Japan 005-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 005-imp
    Hokkaido Ainu Centre.

  • Sapporo-Japan 006-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 006-imp
    Dried fish.

  • Sapporo-Japan 007-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 007-imp
    Hokkaido Ainu Centre.

  • Sapporo-Japan 008-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 008-imp
    Hokkaido Ainu Centre.

  • Sapporo-Japan 009-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 009-imp
    Living like the Ainu people.

  • Sapporo-Japan 010-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 010-imp
    Hokkaido Ainu Centre.

  • Sapporo-Japan 011-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 011-imp
    Ski jump in Sapporo.

  • Sapporo-Japan 012-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 012-imp
    Olympic ski jump.

  • Sapporo-Japan 013-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 013-imp
    Beautiful fall colors.

  • Sapporo-Japan 014-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 014-imp

  • Sapporo-Japan 015-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 015-imp
    Vending machines in Japan.

  • Sapporo-Japan 016-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 016-imp
    A cute little house in the capital of Sapporo.

  • Sapporo-Japan 017-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 017-imp
    Trying the famous seafood donburi in Sapporo.

  • Sapporo-Japan 018-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 018-imp

  • Sapporo-Japan 019-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 019-imp
    Sapporo Brewery is a Japanese brewery founded in 1876. It is the oldest brand of beer in Japan.

  • Sapporo-Japan 020-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 020-imp
    Sapporo Brewery.

  • Sapporo-Japan 021-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 021-imp
    Sapporo Brewery.

  • Sapporo-Japan 022-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 022-imp
    Tasting the different varieties.

  • Sapporo-Japan 023-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 023-imp
    Funny marketing campaigns.

  • Sapporo-Japan 024-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 024-imp
    Stars in Matt's eyes.

  • Sapporo-Japan 025-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 025-imp
    Huge crows in a park in Sapporo.

  • Sapporo-Japan 026-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 026-imp
    Andy Bourdain and his crew were in Sapporo!

  • Sapporo-Japan 027-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 027-imp
    Our favorite, butter miso ramen.

  • Sapporo-Japan 028-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 028-imp
    Ramen Alley.

  • Sapporo-Japan 029-imp

    Sapporo-Japan 029-imp
    The express train to Sapporo.

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