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Hello! I really enjoyed reading through some of the website today. I’ve spent the last four years traveling, too, and three years living in Japan. I did a stint as an aid worker in the tsunami zone after the earthquake, rebuilding communities.

I’ve been on the road for a while, but am headed back to Japan for a month soon. I saw your piece on Shinji Hashimoto and his farm near Kobe. I lived in Kobe for a while and had seen his produce sometimes but didnt know he took volunteers (as you mention in your article’s conclusion).

Just curious for when I’m back in Kobe soon: Could you let me know how you got into contact with him? I’d love to visit his farm and chat with him about various topics and questions I have. (I have an interest in sustainability too, and have the local connection of having lived nearby for so long).



Hi James, glad you’re enjoying the site, and thanks for reaching out! Wow, 4 years on the road is no joke. And 3 years living in Japan? We are both jealous. If you have a website, send us the link! We’d love to read about your travel!

We contacted Shinji-san through a website called HelpX. Here’s a link to his listing on the site, though I think to view the listing and to contact him, you need to be a member. A two year membership costs 20 euros or around $22.50.

Good luck with the rest of your travel. We hope you get a chance to link up with Shinji. Working on his farm was a tremendous learning experience. I’m putting together an article on organic egg production from all the things we learned at Dancing Carrot Farm!

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