Never Enough Pasta

cucumber fig salad
Cucumber Fig Salad
Slice cucumbers thin, any shape you like. I quartered them here. Thinly slice dried black mission figs (or any kind you like). Coarsely chop parsley, toss all 3 together. Add balsamic vinegar until mixture is coated with some excess. Add salt to taste. Finish with sesame seeds (black or white) and drizzle honey over plated salad.





pasta vegan


Cucumber Fig Salad w/ Balsamic Sweet Onion Arugula Salad
Cook whole wheat spaghetti pasta with a dash of olive oil, and salt until al dente. Strain and toss in oil and leave off to the side until ready to add in with the sauce.
Heat a sauce pan with 1 tbsp of olive oil. Add sliced okra (2) and chopped up chayote squash. Cook for about 3 minutes. Add 1 handful of sliced green beans and season heavily with cumin. Deglaze the pan with vegetable broth (1 cup) and tomato puree (1/2 cup). Add 2 tbsp of raw sugar and reduce by 1/4. Add 1 head of tat sai, and 1 tbsp of corn starch (mix the corn starch with 3oz of water before adding to the sauce) and cook for another 3 minutes. Once sauce is thickened toss with the cooked spaghetti noodles and serve in a dish. Garnish with sesame seeds, chopped parsley and cilantro. Top with balsamic sweet onion arugula salad.


Balsamic Sweet Onion Dressing
Roast 1 clove of garlic. Slice and caramelize 1 sweet yellow onion. Cool down and add into a blender. Add 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar, 2 tbsp of honey, 2 black peppercorns, and blend in a blender until smooth. Slowly add 1 1/2 cups of olive oil. Fold in 1 tbsp chopped parsley and season if needed.




chayote squash


Taking the skin off a chayote squash.


chayote squash


Chopped squash.




Slicing up the okra.




Slicing at an angle for the shape.




Chopping parsley–the safe way. Curl your fingers down so you don’t accidentally lose the tips of your fingers.




All the ingredients, ready to go. From top to bottom, left to right: Olive oil, tomato puree, okra, arugula, tat sai, cumin, coriander, sesame seed, black peppercorn, chopped parsley, cubed chayote squash, vegetable broth, sliced green beans.
chayote squash


First add the chayote squash.


green beans chayote squash


Add green beans.


seasoned veggies cumin


Season liberally with cumin.


chef saute


sauteed veggies okra chayote squash green beans cumin


Add sliced okra.


sauteed veggies broth green beans chayote squash cumin okra


Add veggie broth.
corn starch


Thicken with corn starch.


chef tasting


Always taste as you go!


noodles sauteed veggies stew


Add the noodles. Sky is a master at tossing epic amounts of food in unreasonably small pans. Your results may vary.


pasta veggies


Ready for the plate!




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  1. Jeanne Antonino

    Awesome! website looks great. Can’t wait to try some of the recipes although I’ll have to do some modifying – really wish I had my own garden!



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