Cycling around the world to study culture and sustainability.

Farming In Borneo

In early January, we flew to Borneo for an opportunity to work on an organic farm in Sabah.

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Gardens by the Bay,Singapore

Happy New Year!

It’s been a while since we posted anything, so we thought it was time for an update. Many people are asking to see pictures and hear about our travels, so here goes!

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Choosing the Open Road

When most people start an adventure, they usually depart feeling a sense of preparedness and excitement. This was not even remotely our experience.

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10 Questions with Fannie

Stephanie (a.k.a. Fannie) is my older, adventurous sister who has always inspired me to live life to the fullest.  Stephanie has backpacked all throughout Europe, biked from Virginia to California, hiked the Appalachian trail, and biked through New Zealand… the list goes on.  She is the one we turn to when we have any questions about our cycling tour. Here are 10 questions I thought would be helpful and fun to share.

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kaleidoscope kale

il più bello giardino nel mondo

we’re 2 months into the new year and have plenty of new projects happening on the farm!

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Taro Exhibit

Yesterday Common Ground received an extensive kalo (taro) collection from Paul Massey, who teaches our Saturday sustainable gardening course, runs Regenerations Botanical Garden in Kalihiwai, and actively propagates and shares a diverse collection of perennial plants that will be critical to Kaua’i’s long-term food security via a monthly Seed Exchange.

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sunday morning market cart!

Sunday mornings at Common Ground just got even better! Come for Carol Dumeyer’s 10AM yoga class, brunch with live entertainment, and now for some garden fresh fruits, veggies and flowers!

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harvest day

Today, Mark and Matt harvested 157.28 pounds of food for Common Ground’s Garden Cafe restaurant in Kilauea, Kaua’i!

rainy day mulching

A little rain couldn’t keep us from sheet mulching 30+ fruit trees at Common Ground owner Chris Jaeb’s property. The landscaping and garden crews collaborated this week to get a ton of work done; take a look at the results from Friday.

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vacation in washington

this post is long overdue, but i wanted to share some pictures from my recent trip to washington!

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Hearty Vegan Lunch

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The Perfect Day…

… started with a bike ride to the Kilauea bakery for breakfast and cafe americano. Today we got after it in the garden. The results speak for themselves.

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News From the War Room

This week we had a chance to cook for the owner of Common Ground, Chris Jaeb, and a few of our coworkers to demonstrate how we’re creatively using our  garden resource to cook simple, nourishing meals. We also took this opportunity to discuss plans for future projects that we believe will foster a progressive and innovative atmosphere at Common Ground.
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Never Enough Pasta

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Sustainable Gardening Class & Family Dinner

Happy Sunday!


The Common Ground crew had a great day yesterday! We took the first in a series of 10 Sustainable Gardening classes at KCC. Our first class focused on how to evaluate land and choose the best locations for the various elements that that make up a backyard or commercial farming project.

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Garden Fresh Vegan Meal

After a long day spent weeding, feeding, cultivating and prepping new beds in the garden, Sky and V used what we harvested to prepare an incredible vegan dinner for the house. If we keep eating like this, this vegan diet challenge is gonna be a piece of cake!

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