Cycle Route: Sepang to Banting, Malaysia

GPX Track

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The total distance of our route was 38.68 miles (62.25 km).


Max Elevation 131.23 ft 40 m
Min Elevation -36.09 ft -11 m
Total Climbing 6,578.08 ft 2,005 m
Total Descent 6,686.35 ft 2,038 m


This ride was to a volunteer farming opportunity we found on HelpX. The majority of the ride was on a major highway with heavy traffic. When we hit the city of Banting we took a wrong turn and ended up getting lost. Luckily, we found the way and arrived at the farm right before it started getting dark.


We stayed at Kebun Kaki Bukit for a little over 2 weeks. It was our first HelpX and it was a great experience! Arafat is an inspiring individual who not only dreams big but is slowly building those dreams into a reality that we felt lucky to share in. Kebun-Kaki-Bukit-Malaysia-Day 6-7 -084


We ate breakfast at a small restaurant next to the Sky City Hotel before heading to Banting. Once we arrived in Banting we splurged and ate at Domino’s Pizza. The rest of the week the meals were provided by the farm.Ikan bakar (BBQ fish)


Two weeks at Kebun Kaki Bukit and our meals cost us 607 ringgit. Altogether, we spent around $189.42 USD in Banting.

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