Cycle Route: Malacca to Cape Rachado, Malaysia

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The total distance of our route was 48.40 miles (77.88 km).


Max Elevation 196.85 ft 60 m
Min Elevation 0 ft 0 m
Total Climbing 10,472 ft 3,192 m
Total Descent 10,351 ft 3,155 m


This was not one of our favorite days. We took the 5 out of Malacca and planned to take the M143 towards Port Dickson. About 2 miles down M143 we reached a road block where we were told by 3 military men, holding guns, that we couldn’t cycle down the road. We had to make a big u-turn and head back to the 5. The 5 was in good condition with just a few minor hills.


Before we left Malacca, we read a few forums about camping at a hotel at Cape Rachado. Once we got to the location of the hotel, it was non-existent. We were told by a security guard that it had just recently been torn down. He recommended we camp on the small beach across the street. We ended up taking his advice but had trouble sleeping because a family of 10 was up all night partying, right next to our tent.


We had a great breakfast, french toast and peanut butter, at Tony’s Guesthouse before we hit the road. We stopped for lunch and dinner at small family restaurants we passed during our ride.


We only spent 27 ringgit in Camp Rachado.

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