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Photos: Baluran National Park, Java, Indonesia

A gallery of the photos we took at Baluran National Park, Java, Indonesia.

  • Angkut

    Packed into a little angkut (micro bus) on our way to the national park.

  • Baluran Mountain

    Baluran Mountain
    Baluran Mountain.

  • Water Buffalo

    Water Buffalo
    A water buffalo grazing in the middle of the savanna.

  • Bent Tree

    Bent Tree
    Not sure what happened to this tree...

  • Monkey

    We spot a black monkey at Baluran National Park. Java, Indonesia.

  • Plant Teeth

    Plant Teeth
    A particularly vicious-looking set of thorns.

  • Raven


  • Hornbill

    Our first hornbill sighting!

  • Hornbill

    Beautiful hornbill.

  • Hornbill

    Where there's food there's a hornbill.

  • Bama Beach

    Bama Beach
    After crossing the hot savanna, you are rewarded with a beautiful beach!

  • Bama Beach

    Bama Beach
    A dip in the ocean was in order to wash off the sweat and DEET.

  • Indonesian Toilet

    Indonesian Toilet
    Westerners using an Indonesian toilet for the first time require some training. This is a manual flush situation; you ladle about 8 scoops of water from the reservoir on the left into the bowl to flush. Everything in the bathroom is saturated with water, so don't put anything on the ground! And remember, have fun.

  • Ferry to Bali

    Ferry to Bali
    On our way back from Baluran, we took a bus to a ferry to a bus to a taxi and then finally made it back to Bali (and our flat at Puri Sari)!

  • Ferry to Bali

    Ferry to Bali

  • Indo Ocean

    Indo Ocean
    Deep blue Indo ocean

  • Ferry to Bali

    Ferry to Bali
    A bus to a ferry to a bus back to Bali, Indonesia.

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